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Design-in service
Turn-key projects

'...We help you to connect your devices to the net...'

That's our company credo. Our help may come in many forms. Below you'll find a number of typical service profiles to illustrate the type of customer requests we encounter and the services we can offer them.

Consultancy: Utilizing our knowledge and experience to get you the best fitting network connectivity solution. Helping your engineers in making the right decisions and give them a kick-start.

Design-in service: Using our proven technology and customizing it for integration in your products.

Turn-key projects: Realizing complete connectivity solutions (hardware, software) that meet your custom data communications requirements.

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How may we help you ?

If your connectivity needs did not match any of the service profile descriptions below then don't worry. Every connectivity problem is different, and so are our solutions for solving them. Click here to contact us and we'll see if we can provide a solution for your problem.


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