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About Necoso

Necoso is a data communications company that specializes in network connectivity solutions. Necoso helps other companies in making their products 'network ready' so that the products can communicate over the internet or a GSM network.

To put it in one sentence: '...We help you connect your devices to the net...'

M2M communications - the next internet revolution

Whether M2M stands for 'machine-to-machine' or 'man-to-machine' is not clearly defined - many give their own interpretation to this latest abbreviation in the data communications world. What is clear though, is that in the coming years more and more devices will be connected to the internet. For purposes of remote control, alarming, data acquisition and servicing. For saving costs on down-time, traveling of service personnel and maintenance. The economical reasons are there, the technology is available and becoming ever more affordable. All ingredients for the next internet revolution are in place. Estimates are that the internet connections for machines and devices in a few years from now will outnumber the connections for humans. Exciting prospects and developments - and at Necoso we are ready for them...


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