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GSM partners

Many network connectivity solutions require the combined efforts of more than one company. For example a simple SMS based solution for a machine already involves three parties:

  • a data communications equipment supplier that delivers the required hardware (GSM modem)
  • a GSM provider that enables access to its GSM network
  • an integrator that realizes the interface between the machine and the GSM modem

Connectivity solutions are like a chain. Multiple links are involved, and if one link is missing or weak, the whole chain will not function. That's why Necoso has sought partnerships with leading data communication equipment suppliers and service providers. Necoso defined the major goals for such partnerships to be the following:

1. Realizing a set of reference solutions, which prove that the technology of all partners involved is complete, compatible and functions correctly. The reference solutions should function as reliable starting base that can be easily and quickly adapted to meet the specific needs of a customer. Therewith realizing a very short-time-to market, even for complex solutions.

2. To have instantaneous access to knowledge and experience of the other partners for being able to offer a customer the best and complete technical and economical solution for the connectivity problem at hand. Enabling the customer a 'single-stop-shop' for the whole solution, without having to worry about the other 'links of the chain'.

In the GSM arena Necoso has already succeeded in setting up such a multi-company partnership. Click here for more details.

What is Necoso's added-value when compared to competitors ?

1. Offering both standard and custom solutions - the flexibility and pricing that competitors lack

Necoso offers standard solutions and customer specific solutions. Most competitors offer only one of those two types of solutions. Customers often feel like they are 'caught in a web' once they have chosen for a specific supplier and its product range. Customers who go for a supplier with low-price standard products often find that the products are not fitting their exact needs or are to inflexible. And customization of those products is not possible or too expensive. Customers who choose for a supplier that does only custom designs and has no products of its own often face a very high price per solution. Necoso is able to offer the best of both worlds; we have standard low-price products. And if they don't exactly fit your connectivity requirements we can make them fit. But without the costs that come for a 100% custom design.

2. Knowing the market, the technology and the opportunities - essential ingredients for long term partnerships

Market research has learned that more and more OEM customers realize the complexity of network connectivity and are looking for partners who can provide them with the knowledge and technology to keep their existing products up-to-date and to help them prepare their new products for the markets and opportunities of tomorrow.

Because we also realize custom solutions we have gained much experience and knowledge of the markets that our customers are operating in. We know the technology involved, the problems and opportunities our customers are facing. As a result of this we can act as an expert partner and think along with our customers. And provide the best technical and economical solutions for their connectivity problems, now and in the future.


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