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Necoso found that many customers who are looking for a GSM connectivity solution do not realize the complexity of the technology and all the parties & disciplines that are involved. Once aware, they find it difficult to fill in all pieces of the GSM puzzle themselves.

As a result of this more and more customers are looking for complete end-to-end solutions, which include all technological, financial and organizational aspects. However, questions like: 'What is the best economical solution for my connectivity problem? GSM data or GPRS?' Can you also do the back-office coupling?' are difficult to answer if you're holding only one piece of the puzzle...

That's why Necoso has sought partnerships with leading GSM data communication equipment suppliers and service providers. Luckily, we found that such parties were facing similar problems, they we're missing pieces of the puzzle too! Therefore in 2003 Necoso, Siemens, Zenitel and Telfort decided to form a partnership for GSM solutions. The role of each partner in this 'puzzle-ship' is depicted below.


  • GSM modules

  • Promotion



  • Sales & support Siemens GSM modules

  • Backoffice solutions


  • GSM network

  • GSM services

  • SIM cards


  • Machine-to-GSM interface


Main goals of the GSM partnership

1. Realizing a set of reference solutions, which prove that the technology of all partners involved is complete, compatible and functions correctly. The reference solutions should function as reliable starting base that can be easily and quickly adapted to meet the specific needs of a customer. Therewith realizing a very short-time-to market, even for complex solutions.

2. Instantaneous access to knowledge, experience and information of the other partners for being able to offer a customer the best and complete technical and economical solution for the connectivity problem at hand. Enabling the customer a 'single-stop-shop' for the whole end-to-end solution, without having to worry about the other 'pieces of the puzzle'.

3. Cooperative promotion of GSM technology for complete end-to-end M2M solutions including machine-interface, mobile-office, front-office and back-office.

A first offspring of the GSM partnership is the Windmill-On-Air showcase project. This project is a combined effort of all partners to connect the biggest windmill in the Netherlands to the internet using SMS and GPRS technology.

Click here for contacting the GSM partnership.


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