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In 2003 a partnership for GSM based network connectivity solutions was founded by Necoso, Siemens, Zenitel and Telfort.

One of the first initiatives resulting from this partnership is the Windmill-On-Air showcase project. The project demonstrates the use of GSM and internet technology for wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. The Windmill-On-Air project is an interactive GSM showcase built around the largest windmill in the Netherlands which is located next to the A12 highway, near Zoetermeer.



The showcase project consists of two parts: a telemetric part that demonstrates wireless M2M communications using SMS and a visual part the demonstrates GPRS based communications and control with a remote web camera.


Telemetric station at bottom of windmill

The telemetric station is positioned at the bottom of the windmill. It enables a user to retrieve telemetric information about the windmill using SMS. This part of the showcase project is already operational. Try it yourself by sending a SMS message with the text 'meet' or 'measure' to number +31647358134.

The telemetric station will measure the current status of the windmill power generator and local wind conditions and report them back to you in a (free) SMS response message.


Webcam at the top of the windmill

A webcam at the top of the windmill uses GPRS technology for camera control and transmission of its panoramic pictures.

This part of the project is currently not operational yet. It is planned to go live in Q1 of 2004.

The webcam will be publicly accessible via the internet through the websites of Necoso, Siemens, Zenitel and Telfort.



More information about the Windmill-On-Air project can also be found on the Siemens website, click here.


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