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Market areas

Necoso's solutions focus on OEM devices for the industrial, office and outdoor markets.

We keep a steady eye on the domestic markets. But because of the lack of communications standards and economically viable applications, we do not believe there are opportunities for Necoso in the domestic market at the moment. 


In principle Necoso's solutions can be applied with all OEM devices where a network connection for the product makes sense from both a functional and economical point of view. The main application categories are:

  • Climate control systems (heating & cooling)

  • Alarm systems

  • Vending and dispenser machines

  • Access control systems

  • Water management systems

  • Meteorological systems

  • Traffic control and management systems

  • Displays, signs and information systems

  • Energy metering and logging systems

  • Other telemetric and sensor systems

  • Protocol converters

So for our OEM products and design-in services we are targeting the OEM manufacturers of those type of devices/systems.

For our ready-to-use protocol converters and custom solutions we target dealers/re-sellers of the device/system mentioned above as well as other solution providing companies that want to use or solutions as part of their own, bigger, projects. (IT engineering companies, IT subcontractors, etc)

Market segmentation

Although the embedded internet connectivity market is an emerging and continuously changing market Necoso did and continues to do market research and currently uses the following segmentation model to describe the market for electronic components similar to our base product, the ID1021 network module:

1. Low-end segment (< 25 Euro)

Lowest-cost solutions. Targeting high-volume (consumer) products. Usually based on 4 or 8-bit microcontroller. Custom solutions to fit exactly the needs of one specific target OEM product.

Advantages: low-cost, small form-factor

Disadvantages: Not applicable as general product line solution. Not future proof: processing/storage capacity is used to the limit. Often microcontroller manufacturer bound. Software in assembler, usually not portable to future products. Web content is integrated in development phase. Cannot be adapted/ customized in later product phase. Usually no provisions for firmware servicing (over the internet).

 2. Mid-segment (< 100 Euro)

Advantages: Dedicated/optimized operating kernel and internet communications stack for embedded solutions. Flexible solution. Relative small form-factor. Applicable as general solution, not product bound. Can be customized in later product phase. Efficient as to price/performance/resource requirements. Supports servicing of software and web content over the internet. Portability as Applications can be written in higher programming language and are portable to other/future products.

Disadvantages: Application development requires platform specific tools. (which are usually more expensive than similar tools for PC platform)

Not applicable for streaming audio/video solutions.

 3. High-end segment (> 100 Euro)

Target market is low-volume, niche market. Solution is part of expensive, specialized, OEM equipment. (industrial, medical, engineering, etc) Price less important.

This segment merely consists of solutions that are based on third-party industrial PC boards or equivalents. Usually an existing operating system and internet communications stack are ported to the selected hardware platform.

Advantages: relatively short development time, flexibility of solution, high degree of portability as is based on standard PC technology. Many tools available.

Disadvantages: size, relatively expensive, license fees, royalties. Often communication stack was originally intended for desktop computers and is not optimized solution for embedded systems. (uses lot of RAM/ROM resources)

(indicated prices are based on volumes > 1000 pieces a year)

Which market segments does Necoso focus on ?

The Necoso network modules and derivative solutions focuses on the mid-segment. We believe in the long-term the best opportunities are in this segment. The ID1021 module was designed to explicitly target this price-segment, while offering some features that are normally only found in the high-end segment. That is also how we want to distinguish our selves from our competitors in the same segment. By offering a better price/performance and price/flexibility ratios.


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