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The design-in service is intended for larger OEM customers who already use or know our network connectivity technology and want us to integrate the technology into their own product. Either on the PCB of the product itself or as a standalone accessory.

Typical examples for design-in requests are:

  • Integration of ID1021 electronics on PCB of own product.
  • Customized version of the ID1021 module. (other microcontroller, more/less memory, custom I/O, other form-factor, etc)
  • Customized version of the NCS040x boxes. (more/less/other external interfaces, custom housing, add-on I/O board, etc)

Usually the reasons why customers prefer a design-in above the ready-to-use Necoso products are:

  • Saving space. Only one PCB instead of two.
  • Avoiding the connectors that are otherwise required between OEM PCB and the Necoso network connectivity module.
  • Realizing the most economical solution by stripping all not used functionality/components.
  • Being independent as to the placing of the external interfaces for network and host.
  • Being independent as to customizing/scaling the software, hardware and/or mechanics.
  • Being independent as to the logistics of the hardware involved.

When Necoso offers customers to do the whole design-in for them, this may include one or more of the following aspects:

  • Hardware design/adaptation
  • Component & supplier selection
  • PCB design
  • Mechanical design (for boxed versions, standalone connectivity solutions)
  • Prototyping
  • Adaptation of firmware (= internal software of the network connectivity module)
  • Writing of customer specific applications and web-content.
  • Writing documentation (user manual, installation manual, etc)
  • Realization of hardware/software tools for testing.
  • Test and integration.
  • Realization of hardware/software tools for production. (loading software, configuring, production testing)

Necoso has the knowledge, experience and facilities to perform the complete design-in for you. We can do this either at your office location in close cooperation with your engineers, or as an in-house project at our own office location.

Necoso can offer the design-in service on a per-hour basis or on a per-project basis, which ever suits you best.

The Necoso network connectivity technology is made available either on royalty basis (price per copy) or on buy-out basis (price per design-in) and may include source code or an escrow arrangement.

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