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NCS0402 - OEM version - front


 NCS0402 - OEM version - back


The NCS0402 is a ready-to-use network connectivity platform intended for combined ethernet and GSM network connectivity applications. It also contains a serial port (RS232/RS485).

The NCS0402 integrates an ID1021 module and a Siemens GSM modem, therewith enabling both local ethernet access and remote wireless access using a GSM network.


Typical applications for the NCS0402 are:

  • Web interface for OEM product that can be accessed locally over ethernet and remotely over the internet (GPRS).

  • SMS alarming & control.

  • GPRS-to-Ethernet bridge, for enabling wireless internet access to OEM device with ethernet interface.

  • GPRS-to-Serial bridge, for enabling wireless internet access to OEM device with RS232 or RS485 interface.

Functions that can be realized with the NCS0402:

  • Remote control/configuration of OEM product using ethernet and/or SMS, GSM data or GPRS.

  • Bridging/tunneling of existing RS232 or RS485 protocol over GSM data/GPRS.

  • Remote servicing/upgrading of OEM product firmware/software/databases via GSM network.

  • Remote data acquisition & logging over GSM, periodic retrieval of data using FTP (GPRS).

     Click here for more details about the Necoso connectivity solutions that are based on the NCS0402.



Housing: Anodized aluminium

Dimensions168 x 110 x 54 mm (l x w x h)

Supply voltage: 9 - 12V DC

Power consumption: < 1000 mA

Temperature range: 0 - 70 Celsius

Internal processing core: ID1021 module

Internal GSM modem: Siemens MC35iT

External interfaces:

  • 1 x Ethernet, 10 Mbit, UTP (RJ45)
  • 1 x RS232 (V.24, male DB9)
  • 1 x RS485 (optional, male DB9)
  • 8 free programmable LED indicators
  • Power interface connector
  • 1 power LED (green)
  • GSM antenna connector (FME)

NCS0402 - with GSM antenna and power adapter


  • A dual-band GSM antenna, with 2.5 m coax cable.

  • AC/DC power adapter for converting mains to 9V DC.

Not included:

  • SIM card
  • Cables for RS232 or RS485 connections to device/machine

Customization options:

  • Add-on internal I/O board for custom I/O interfaces (26-pole connector, max PCB size = 1/3 Euro-card)
  • Additional host interfaces made available on outside of housing
  • OEM name/logo engraved on front/back of housing


The NCS0402 includes a ID1021 module that comes with the following software pre-installed in the internal flash memory of the Renesas microcontroller:

  • Dedicated OS that provides resource management and scheduling services. Supports multiple concurrent applications. Application Programming Interface (API) is available for writing your own applications.

  • TCP/IP stack that includes Ethernet v2.0, IEEE 802.3, ARP, IP, ICMP, UDP, TCP, NetBIOS, DHCP, telnet, HTTP, FTP.

  • Embedded FTP server, HTTP server, telnet server

  • Embedded file system for flash EEPROM, serial EEPROM and (optional) RAM disk. Run-time accessible with FTP.

Click here to download ID1021 datasheet

Application software:

  • Necoso GSM Application Suite for SMS, GSM data and GPRS. APIs are available.


  • ID1021 Installation Manual (OEM version)
  • ID1021 Application Notes
  • GSM Application Installation Manual (OEM version)

All documentation is available in electronic format (MS-Word) and can easily be customized for OEM product.

Availability options

Ready-to-use protocol converter

The NCS0402 is available as a ready-to-use protocol convertor. Necoso has realized software applications for the most commonly used GSM / ethernet / RS232 / RS485 protocol conversions. The protocol conversion application will be pre-installed on the flash disk of the ID1021.

     Click here for more details about the ready-to-use Necoso protocol converters.

OEM network connectivity platform

The NCS0402 is also available as an OEM platform for realizing your own boxed network connectivity solutions or protocol converters.

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