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The ID1021 is a product from Iolia Datacom. Necoso is the exclusive dealer of Iolia products for Europe.


The ID1021 is a ready-to-use electronic module that can be integrated into an existing or new OEM product for quickly & easily realizing an internet interface for the product.

The ID1021 comes with an ethernet interface for connections to an intranet or internet. A 34-pole host interface is included that supports connections to all kinds of machines and devices.

The ID1021 internal software includes a full-fledged TCP/IP stack, FTP server, HTTP server and flash file system for storage of applications and webcontent.

Application fields

Typical OEM products for which the ID1021 module can be applied:

  • Climate control systems (heating & cooling)

  • Alarm systems

  • Vending and dispenser machines

  • Access control systems

  • Water management systems

  • Meteorological systems

  • Traffic control and management systems

  • Displays, signs and information systems

  • Energy metering and logging systems

  • Other telemetric and sensor systems

  • Protocol converters

Functions that can be realized with the ID1021 module:

  • Remote control/configuration of OEM product using web browser and FTP.

  • Communications with legacy OEM product with RS232, RS485 or TTL I/O interfaces. (protocol-conversion, ‘tunneling’ / ‘bridging’)

  • Remote servicing/upgrading of OEM product firmware/software/databases via the internet.

  • Remote data acquisition & logging, periodic retrieval of data using FTP.


There are many advantages as to the use of standard internet tools (web browser, FTP, Telnet) for remote control/service:

  • Works from any PC or workstation with access to the intranet or internet.

  • Remote monitoring/servicing/upgrading of OEM product via internet saves (traveling) time and money.

  • Avoiding MS-Windows application/device driver development. Many OEM manufactures feel like they caught in a rat-race - with every new version of the MS-Windows operating system they have to re-implement support for their equipment and adapt/rewrite their applications and device drivers. Using the ID1021 as a user interface this is no longer necessary. All that is needed are internet tools like web browser, FTP and Telnet. They are available for all (future/older) Windows versions and come for free with these operating systems. No PC software development required.

  • Support for non-Windows platforms like Apple, Linux, Sun Sparc and other Unix adepts. The ID1021 enlarges your potential market here. Most OEM manufacturers focus solely on the PC + Windows platform and neglect the other platforms. Usually because they don’t feel like the effort is worth the extra sales or don’t have the manpower, knowledge or support/development capacities to cover this relatively small but growing part of the market. With the ID1021 connectivity support for those platforms comes for free.



Dimensions64 x 50 x 25 mm (l x w x h)

Supply voltage: 5V (+- 5%)

Power consumption: < 150 mA

Temperature range: 0 - 70° Celsius

Processor: Renesas H8S microcontroller, running at 20 MHz


  • 128 KB RAM (for volatile application data, heap and stack)

  • 2 MB Flash EEPROM (for storage of applications and webcontent)

  • 8 KB serial EEPROM (for storage of non-volatile parameters)

External interfaces:

  • 1 x Ethernet, 10 Mbit, UTP (RJ45)
  • 2 x RS232 (TTL)
  • 1 x RS485 (120 ohm terminated)
  • 22 programmable I/O pins (TTL I/O, A/D, D/A, PWM)

Click here to download ID1021 datasheet


The ID1021 comes with the following software pre-installed in the internal flash memory of the Renesas microcontroller:

  • Dedicated OS that provides resource management and scheduling services. Supports multiple concurrent applications. Application Programming Interface (API) is available for writing your own applications.

  • TCP/IP stack that includes Ethernet v2.0, IEEE 802.3, ARP, IP, ICMP, UDP, TCP, NetBIOS, DHCP, telnet, HTTP, FTP.

  • Embedded FTP server, HTTP server, telnet server

  • Embedded file system for flash EEPROM, serial EEPROM and (optional) RAM disk. Run-time accessible with FTP.

Application software

Necoso has developed numerous applications for the ID1021. Click here for a list of available applications.


  • ID1021 Installation Manual (OEM version)
  • ID1021 Application Notes

All documentation is available in electronic format (MS-Word) and can easily be customized for OEM product.

Availability options

Ready-to-use electronic module

The ID1021 is available as a ready-to-use electronic module. The fastest and easiest way to realize an internet interface for your OEM product.

Design-in package

The ID1021 technology is also available as a design-in package for integration on your own PCB. The design-in package consists of the ID1021 electronic schematics and the internal software for microcontroller that is on the ID1021. Reasons for preferring the design-package above the ready-to-use electronic module could be:

  • Saving space. Only one PCB instead of two.
  • Avoiding the connectors that are otherwise required between OEM PCB and ID1021.
  • Realizing the most economical solution by stripping all not used functionality/components.
  • Being independent as to customizing the software, hardware and/or mechanics.
  • Being independent as to the placing of the ID1021 external interfaces for network and host.
  • Being independent as to the ID1021 logistics.

Click here to contact us for more information.

Design-in service

If the ID1021 design does not completely match the internet connectivity requirements for your OEM product then may be we can adapt it for your needs. See our design-in service for more details.

Click here to contact us for more information.

Writing software applications for the ID1021

Doing it yourself...

Applications for the ID1021 are written using the C programming language. You can develop applications yourself using the ID1021 Application Development Kit (ADK).

...or let us do it for you.

You don’t have the knowledge, the manpower or the time to write applications yourself? Well, we can help you out. We do not only offer the ID1021 module, we can also help you and develop your product specific software applications and web-content. The ID1021 is 100% own development – as no other we know how to quickly and efficiently realize tailor-made applications for your product. See our services page for more information.


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