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IWB + ID1021


The ID1021 Application Development Kit (ADK) enables software developers to build their own applications for the ID1021. Applications are written using the C programming language. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are available for the ID1021 internal software as well as for the applications that Necoso has developed for the ID1021.


ADK contents

  • ID1021 Workbench Board (IWB, see picture above)
  • 1 x ID1021
  • 9V DC power adapter
  • CD-ROM containing C development environment, manuals and tools
  • Miscellaneous interface cables

IWB specifications

The IWB is a workbench board for the ID1021 module. It can be used as a standalone development environment for developing and testing software applications for the ID1021.

The IWB contains a docking connector for placing a ID1021 module, a 5V regulator for providing the ID1021 with power, interface connectors for host interface, RS232 and RS485. Also includes switches for resetting the ID1021 or forcing it into boot mode. The IWB shifts the levels of the RS232 ports of the ID1021 to the V.24 level, so that they can be directly connected to a COM port of a PC. Interface summary:

  • 2 x RS232 (V.24, male DB9 connectors)
  • 1 x RS485 (screw-terminal connectors)
  • 34-pole male and female host interface connector
  • Reset switch
  • Boot mode switch
  • 8 free programmable LED indicators (e.g. for software debugging, status indications, etc)

CD-ROM contents

  • Windows hosted GNU compiler
  • Linux hosted GNU compiler
  • GNU linker
  • GNU debugger / HDI debugger
  • ID1021 Installation Manual
  • ID1021 Programmers Reference Manual
  • ID1021 Application Notes
  • API header files
  • Example applications
  • BROLIA & ABS2REL management tools

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