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ID1021 ADK
S2E bridge
G2E bridge
G2S bridge

Necoso's network connectivity products can be used to quickly and easily realize a network interface or protocol converter for your OEM product.

All OEM products listed below are also used as hardware platform for the Necoso network connectivity solutions.

Products for integration in OEM products

ID1021 - Electronic network connectivity module for integration in OEM product.


ID1021 ADK - Application Development Kit. For developing software applications for the ID1021 module.


Standalone network connectivity products

The products listed below are intended as network connectivity platforms that can be used by OEM manufacturers for quickly realizing a standalone data communications solution for installation next to an existing or new OEM product.

NCS0401 - Boxed version of ID1021 with external ethernet, RS232 and RS485 interfaces.


NCS0402 - Boxed version of ID1021 with integrated GSM modem. External ethernet, RS232/RS485 interface. Intended for wireless internet connectivity solutions using SMS, GSM data or GPRS.


Ready-to-use protocol converters

Necoso has developed a series of ready-to-use protocol converters that perform the most commonly requested network protocol conversions. Complete hardware + software + manual solution. No software development required, only configuration of run-time parameters.

Serial-to-Ethernet bridge - For ethernet based access to a device with a serial interface (RS232/RS485). Based on NCS0401 product.


GSM-to-Ethernet bridge - For remote wireless access to a device that already has an ethernet interface and supports telnet, HTTP, FTP or custom protocols. Based on NCS0402 product.


GSM-to-Serial bridge - For remote wireless access to a device that already has a serial interface (RS232/RS485). Based on NCS0402 product.



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