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The Serial-to-Ethernet (S2E) bridge is a ready-to-use protocol converter that is intended for extending the communications reach of an existing device with a serial interface (RS232/RS485) over an ethernet network. (intranet, internet)

Original configuration

The original configuration consists of a device that has a serial interface (RS232/RS485) and PC that runs a OEM specific application that communicates with the OEM device over the serial interface, possibly using a customer specific protocol.

Figure 1: Original (local) configuration 



Example configurations for remote access with S2E bridge



Figure 2: Remote access over ethernet (intranet - LAN)



Figure 3: Remote access over ethernet (internet - WAN)

With the S2E bridge data is ‘bridged’ transparently between the PC and the OEM device, ethernet (TCP/IP) is used as a transport channel to get the data to/from the device.



  • NCS0401 with AC/DC power adapter.


  • CLI application, enables remote control of S2E bridge using telnet.

  • S2E application, bridges IP packets between the ethernet and one of the serial interfaces of the NCS0401. The S2E applications supports:

    • Serial communications: baudrates from 2400 to 57600 baud, 7 or 8 data bits, 1 or 2 stop bits, odd/even/no parity, no flow control or XON/XOFF flow control.

    • Programmable begin-of-message (BOM) and end-of-message (EOM) detection. Detection can be time-out based, or character (sequence) based.

    • Configurable TCP/UDP port.

All software is pre-installed on flash disk of the NCS0401.


  • CD-ROM with installation manual, data sheets and application notes.


  • One year of free application updates when they become available.

Not included

  • Ethernet cable - the type of ethernet cable (patch cable/cross-over cable) and the length of the cable that is required for connection to the S2E bridge depends on your specific network situation.
  • Serial cable - the type of serial cable (RS232/RS485, cross/nul-modem, etc) and the length of the cable that is required for connection to the S2E bridge to you're device depends on the interface options available with your device.

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