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Our consultancy services are requested mostly by larger OEM manufacturers that have an engineering department of their own, but little or no experience with embedded network connectivity. Because of scale of economics involved and the engineers available they want to realize the network interface themselves. Often they also want to be in full control of all developments and logistics. They want to be independent.

They realize that network connectivity is becoming an important aspect of their existing and/or new products. But don't have the time to develop the knowledge and experience themselves. And because of scale of economics they want the best fitting option (functionality, time, costs) What they are looking for is an experienced partner to 'kick-start' their developments, to help their engineering department to make the right decisions and speed up the process of network interface developments. Targeting an economical solution and a fast time-to-market.

They are looking for a partner who knows who understands their products, knows their markets, their opportunities, the technologies involved, and who can think along...

The consultancy services we offer to such a customer usually involve:

  • Making an inventory of the connectivity needs and requirements, identifying and working out all aspects. (costs, benefits, time, technical, organizational, logistical)
  • Helping them with the overall connectivity system design (architecture)
  • Helping them with selecting hardware and software components, suppliers.
  • Helping them with setting up development environments, test strategies, production support.
  • Training engineers and support personnel.

Some customers also want us to do the (sub)project management part.

We can offer all these services on a per-hour basis or on a per-project basis, which ever suits you best.

Although usually we are involved in such projects for only parts of the whole development cycle, many customers return to us for advice in follow up projects or extensions of existing projects. They consider us an experienced and dedicated partner, not just another supplier...

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