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Serial-to-Serial solutions (S2S)



The Serial-to-Serial solutions are used when protocol conversions and/or emulation between two or more serial interfaces are required. Typical applications are:

  • RS232-to-RS485 conversion. With or without multiplexing and de-multiplexing of data from multiple RS485 devices into one RS232 data stream.

  • Realizing a FTP or email interface for data transfer with a serial OEM device using a direct SLIP or PPP connection to a PC, Laptop or PDA with RS232 interface.

  • Realizing a PPP dial-in/dial-out modem interface for a device that only supports direct SLIP or PPP over a serial line. (device that does not include modem support)

  • Web enabling a serial device using a direct SLIP or PPP connection to a PC, Laptop or PDA with RS232 interface.


Solution example 1: OEM specific RS232-to-RS485 converter




The NCS0401 is used for realizing a standalone protocol converter that supports dedicated or OEM specific conversion functions that simple commercially available RS-converters do not supports. Examples of such functions are:

  • Multiplexing/de-multiplexing of multiple RS485 connections over a single RS232 link.

  • Intelligent bridging (time-out or BOOT/EOT character based or using dedicated OEM message parser

  • Conversion from protocol X on RS232 link to protocol Y on RS485 link.

  • Conversion from synchronous to asynchronous protocols. Synchronous communication is supported for RS232 ports of NCS0401.

  • Multi-port conversion. (NCS0410 has total of 3 serial ports)

  • Watchdog function


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