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Ethernet-to-OEM solutions (E2O)



The ethernet-to-OEM solutions are used when OEM specific interface (TTL I/O, A/D, D/A or other) is to be connected to an ethernet interface. Usually for remote control, monitoring or data acquisition/transfer over an intranet or internet.

Examples of OEM specific interfaces are:


  • Sensors (digital, A/D, D/A)

  • Electronic switches and relays (digital, analog, PWM)

  • Centronics

  • Magstripe

  • Wiegand

  • PC Keyboard (PS/2)

  • Display adapters

  • Displays/LCDs with TTL interface.

  • Legacy ISA bus devices


Solution example 1: Web-enabling a device with OEM specific interface


Original configuration: The configuration consists of a PC with a dedicated I/O board and a device that has an OEM specific interface.  An OEM specific protocol is used for interactive access to parameters and/or data of the OEM device.




Wanted: A web interface for the device is wanted that enables using a web browser for accessing the OEM device over an intranet/internet.






The O2E solution takes care of the handling the OEM specific interface of the device and presenting the information in the form of (dynamic) web pages. Additional options: Alarming or data acquisition to RAM disk. Data transfer using email or FTP.


In the figures above the O2E solution represents one of the following:

  • ID1021 module, integrated in housing of OEM device.

  • ID1021 design-in, on PCB of OEM device.

  • NCS0401, as standalone box next to OEM device. Note that the NCS0401 has an option for a custom I/O board.

In the solution above we assumed interactive communications with the device, initiated by the user on the PC. However, the same solution can also be used for non-interactive, automated, configurations. For example for periodic retrieval of device data by a central server over ethernet using FTP.



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