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The RRC is a communication controller that can expand the reach of control for your 433 MHz appliances to the internet. It is intended for domestic and (small) office applications.

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It has an ethernet interface and allows for direct attachement to your LAN router, ADSL or kabel modem.

The RRC also supports optional GSM modem. This allows for wireless internet connection.


An embedded webserver is included that supports a virtual remote control in your webbrowser. Works just like your real original remote control...






  • Dimensions: 1600 x 100 x 45 mm, plastic housing.

  • Power adapter: 9VDC power supply.

  • Programmable 433 MHz transmitter.

  • Signaling LED for indicating 433 MHz transmissions.

  • Ethernet interface (RJ45) with signaling LEDs for ethernet status and data traffic.


  • Special RRC application that allows for switching 433 MHz appliances using webbrowser.

  • Supported 433 MHz protocols: KlikAanKlikUit (Arc), Elro, Ranex. More to come...

  • Configuration of RCC using telnet.

  • Software updates using FTP.

  • Support for DHCP for automatic IP address configuration.

  • Support for DynDNS for mapping dynamic IP address to static domain name.


  • GSM modem for double wireless internet connection to your appliances. (CSD, GPRS <-> 433 MHz)

  • Remote control of appliances using e-mail

  • Remote control of applicances using SMS (requires optional GSM modem)

Currently the RRC is a working prototype/demonstration product and it is used in a pilot project by Necoso engineers and development partners for controlling appliances at remote test sites. It has not been developed into an approved, official, product and therefore is not commercially available for customers yet. However, we might consider turning it into a real product if market demand allows for it. So please contact us if you are interested in this product. (batches of at least 100 pcs and up)


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